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Tower Simulator EDITORS (zip file - 490K)

Tower Simulator ist ein selbständiges Programm welches keinen anderen Simulator als Grundlage benötigt.

Tower Simulator ist kompatibel mit :

Matrox TripleHead2Go
Track IR
Stimmerkennungssoftware (obwohl kompatibel, keine technische Unterstützung von feelThere).

Tower Simulator ist eine Tastatur- und Mausgesteuerte Simulation mit allgemeiner Hardware Kompatibilität (Tastatur Kurzbefehlsliste enthalten).

Tower Simulator benötigt :

Microsoft Windows
XP (32 Bits) - Vista (32 Bits) - 7 (32/64 Bits)
1.4Ghz Prozessor
700 Mb Festplattenspeicher
256 Mb Grafikkartenspeicher
DirectX 9 oder höher

Technical problems have been reported with Intel onboard video card.

Technische Unterstützung (English only)

Tower Simulator v1.2 UPGRADE is freely available HERE (71.8Mb - v1.1 is required).
Improvements : Airplane speeds in the air adjusted - Airplanes leave the runways faster - Dash 8 is a STOL airplane - At TNCM, STOL and GA airplanes leave the runway more realistically.
How to get the latest Tower Simulator version ?
Log onto our website page HERE and fill in your login/password to download the available file. It is a full installer and any previous version must be uninstalled prior to a new version.
All technical questions to feelThere developments can be issued
at feelThere forum :
There you can find questions/answers and also comments from developers and users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Launching Tower Simulator, I can only get the external view. No radar screens displayed.
1 - Make sure your video card has 256Mb. 2 - Probably there is a missing file into your PC configuration. Download Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package and Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package SP1 (exe file dated 2007) freely available from the net.
How can I improve the frame rate ?
Should you happen to select a higher screen resolution than the maximum of your monitor, you will greatly reduce the frame rate ! Therefore, either run Tower Simulator in full screen mode or only the maximum resolution that is supported by your monitor.
How can I improve graphics such as straight aircraft wings ?
To improve image quality, we recommend to increase the ANTI-ALIASING option from your video card settings. More information can be found from your computer retailer or video card manual. Important : increasing Anti-Aliasing may decrease performances.
How to install Tower Simulator under Windows Vista ?
Tower Simulator installation must be launched with the Administrator rights. Also, after the installation, right-click on the desktop Tower shortcut and 'Run as Administrator'.
"Tower.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience" is displayed on the screen.
You need to download the latest DirectX driver from Microsoft here.
How can I remove any unwanted airplane that stuck into traffic for any reason ?
Please use the "XXX REMOVE AIRPLANE" command.

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